About us

What we do?

We are passionate about assisting new business ventures (big or small) to start their businesses on the right footing.  Your business will start with all the legal aspects in place. We will also help with providing the necessary equipment and infrastructure. Basically we provide everything you need to start your business.


Who we are

A group of young entrepreneurs with IT, business and accounting backgrounds that came together and saw that there is a need to assist entrepreneurs to start a new venture. Between us you will find more than 100 years’ experience in IT, business and accounting.


Our ambition

We are driven by our ambition, our needs of our clients and a focus on delivering exceptional client service.


Why us?

In today’s world it is very difficult to get all the pieces in place for a new venture. We provide all the pieces you need! We believe in building strong relations with our clients to give them exceptional service.  Business is personal to all of us.